Article submission procedure

By submitting the article for publication, its author(s) testify to their agreement with the journal policy, order and conditions of publication. The author(s) confirm the text originality and that the manuscript is not under consideration by another publication. The author(s) comply with authorship criteria and give their consent for publishing the article in the journal. The author(s) accept responsibility for the absence in their article of inaccurate data and incorrect borrowings, as well as the lack of conflict of interests.

Submitting Your Article
One of the authors presents the article and accept the responsibility for the submission and reviewing process. The editorial board does not accept manuscripts submitted by third parties on behalf of the author(s). Those articles that have been previously published in other journals, are not accepted by the editorial board.

The submitted manuscripts must contain novel data that has never been published before. The content of the article must conform with the journal’s subject. Apart from that, the justified originality, novelty and importance of the material are the essential condition for publication.

The editorial board accepts the manuscript for review after receiving all necessary documents, sent to

The printed version of the manuscript, the Author Information Sheet and the original copies of Publishing Agreement must be sent via ordinary mail at 40 Krasnaya, Penza, 440026, Penza State University (Editorial office of research journals).

The List of Documents for Submission:
• Manuscript in electronic form, formatted according to journal requirements
• Author Information Sheet for each co-author (Download the form)
• Publishing Agreement, filled by each author, scanned and saved in pdf format. (Download form).
• Media files used in the article, strictly following journal requirements.

Conditions of Publication

The publication of articles for authors without a research degree (post-university, research students) is free of charge. The publication for authors with a research degree of Candidate of Sciences includes the obligatory annual journal subscription and the article publication fee (RU 3,000). The publication for authors with a research degree of the Doctor of Sciences is free of charge.

General Rules

All articles must contain a UDC code.

The title, abstract and key words must be given in two languages – English and Russian, and precede the main text of the article in the electronic file.

The articles that contain results of studies are accompanied by detailed and structured abstract, written according to the example (see The Abstract Writing Guidelines). Review of literature and other types of publications are accompanied by short abstracts.

The article text must have clear inner structure. The standard structure includes Introduction, Materials and Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions. Review papers and short texts may have a different structure.

It is allowed to include the names of the programme within the framework of which the work was performed, or the supporting fund in the end of the text.

The editorial board has the right to make necessary changes in the manuscript which are agreed with the representative author at the stage of proof-reading the article. The editorial board retains the right to make any necessary editing and pre-publication correction of article texts that do not change their content without the authors’ approval. The manuscripts submitted for publication are not returned.

Typography requirements
• The editorial office considers articles written in Microsoft Word.
• Optimal volume of a manuscript is 10-14 A4 pages.
• Main sections of the article with exception of introduction and conclusion shall be numbered.
• The main font type of the article is Times new Roman, 14 pt, one-and-half-spaced.
• File type — RTF, DOC.
• Symbols of Greek and Russian alphabet shall be typed in upright normal font; Latin alphabet – in italic normal font; symbols of vectors and matrixes – in upright bold font; numerals – in upright normal font. Designations of chemical elements shall be typed in upright normal font. The same conditions are applied to pictures and figures.
• It is allowed to insert special symbols into the text (using Symbol fonts).
• Figures and tables shall be placed in the article text as separated files (raster drawings in TIFF, ВМР format with 600 dpi resolution, vector drawings in Corel Draw with minimal line width of 0,75 рt).
• Figures shall be accompanied with caption. Formulas in the article text shall be written in Microsoft Word Equation or MathType.
• Bibliographic list shall be in Russian and English.
• Numeration of sources in bibliographic list must correspond to the order of references to them in the text. Number of the source is specified in square brackets. The list includes the following information:

- for books – author’s last name and initials, name of the book, city, publishing office, publication year, volume, number of pages;
- for journal articles, collected papers - author’s last name and initials, name of the article, full name of the journal, series, year, volume, number, issue, pages;
- for conference proceedings — author’s last name and initials, name of the article, name of the publication, time and venue of the conference, city, publishing office, year, pages.

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